2018-2019 Student Winners

2018 Nebraska MTNA Performance and Composition Competitions Results

The Nebraska state level of the Music Teachers National Association (MTNA) performance competitions were held at the University of Nebraska at Kearney on October 11-12, 2018. Compositions were judged prior to that date by an online process.

NOTE: The winners and representatives in the Nebraska state level of the Music Teachers National Association (MTNA) performance/composition competitions advance to the West Central Division (WCD) performance competitions. Beginning with the 2018–2019 Competition year, the MTNA Division Competitions will be a video-only Composition round. Nebraska winners do not advance.

Nebraska MTNA West Central Competition Winners

MTNA Chamber Competition
Amore String Quartet
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
– An Tran, violin
– Claudia Holm, violin
– Travis Taylor, viola
– Riley Beranek, cello
Karen Becker, coach

MTNA Senior String Competition
– Alexander Smith
Tim Strang, teacher

MTNA Young Artists Brass Competition
– Jordan Redd
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Alan Mattingly, teacher

MTNA Competitions Results

The winners of the MTNA Young Artist, Senior and Junior Piano Competitions received a lesson in a master class with Ian Hobson, Guest Artist/Clinician of the 2018 NMTA State Conference.

MTNA Young Artist, Piano, Left to right

Alternate: Tiffany Palar, teacher Marina Fabrikant (Lincoln)
Winner: Sean Lebita, teacher Paul Barnes (Lincoln)

MTNA Senior Piano, Left to Right

Angela Li, teacher Gail Dunning (Omaha)
Alternate: Cynthia France, teacher Washington Garcia (Omaha)
Crystal Huang, teacher Paul Barnes (Lincoln)
Winner: Alina Hatfield, teacher Anne Madison (Omaha)

MTNA Junior Piano, Left to Right

Winner: Ty Stephany, teacher Paul Barnes (Lincoln)
Alternate: Nathan Liu, teacher Anne Madison (Omaha)

MTNA Junior String, Left to Right

Alternate: Larissa Myers, teacher Ruth Meints (Omaha)
Winner: Pauline Lee, teacher Ruth Meints (Omaha)

MTNA Junior Woodwinds,

State Representative: Jonathan Sabirianov, teacher Ken Janak

MTNA Senior String, Left to right

Alternate: Anastasia Wilson, cello, teacher Gregory Beaver (Lincoln)
Ilana McNamara, viola, teacher Ruth Meints (Omaha)
Pranay Nellakanta, violin, teacher Ruth Meints (Omaha)
Winner: Alexander Smith, cello, teacher Tim Strang (Omaha)

MTNA Chamber Music Wind
State Representative: Grenadilla Grove, teacher name Diane Barger (Lincoln), Left to right

Mackenzie Conroy, clarinet
Jacob Welling, clarinet
Macy Miller, clarinet

MTNA Young Artist Woodwind
State Representative
Jacob Welling, teacher Diane Barger, Lincoln

MTNA Young Artist Brass, Left to right

Winner: Jordan Redd, teacher Alan Mattingly (Lincoln)
Alternate: Aydin Mack, teacher John Wojcik (Chadron)

MTNA Composition Contest

West Central Division Winners

Elementary Composition
Joe Amdorfer, Winner, teacher Regina Carnazzo
Will Moreland, Honorable Mention, teacher Nancy Schoen

Senior Composition
Sofia Vander Zwaag, Winner, teacher Regina Carnazzo

The Winners, State Representative, and Honorable Mentions, and their respective teachers are as follows:

Nebraska Elementary Composition

Joe Arndorfier, Winner, teacher, Regina Carnazzo (Omaha)
Zander Ferguson, Honorable Mention, teacher, Nancy Schoen (Lincoln) not pictured

Nebraska Junior Composition

Jackson Schuiteman, Representative, teacher, Regina Carnazzo (Omaha)

Nebraska Senior Competition

Sofia Vander Swaag, Winner, teacher, Regina Carnazzo (Omaha)
Peyton Plugge, Honorable Mention, teacher, Regina Carnazzo (Omaha) not pictured

NMTA State Winners

NMTA Collegiate Piano

From left, Sueng Won Lee and Seulji Kim, both students of Jayoung Hong (Kearney) who is pictured behind her students.

NMTA Senior Piano

Ealynn Hsu, 1st place, teacher, Marcia Wiebers (Lincoln)
Jessica Hua, Honorable Mention, teacher, Anne Madison (Omaha)
Christopher Lin, 3rd place, teacher, Anne Madison
Alexis Nothelfer, 2nd place, teacher, Anne Madison

NMTA Junior Piano

From left, Jordan Zhang, Honorable Mention, teacher Mai Butler (Lincoln)
Daniel Crow, 3rd Place, teacher, Chern Voon Fung (Omaha)
Winston Schneider, 2nd Place, teacher, Anne Madison (Omaha)
Winner, Austin Lewis, teacher, Stella Saperstein

NMTA Junior Strings

Winner, Meera Nair, teacher, Jules DeSalvo (Omaha)