2020 -2021 Student Winners

2020 Nebraska MTNA Performance and Composition Competitions Results

MTNA State-Level 2020 Competition in Nebraska included 12 Composition entries and 39 Performance entries, with video-only performance competition due to the uncertainly of public gathering related to the COVID pandemic.

Among the 39 Performance entrants, there were eight Junior, 19 Senior, and 12 Young Artist.

Seventeen teachers had students participating in Performance Competition, including Paul Barnes, Christie Beard, Mai Butler, Marina Fabrikant, Washington Garcia, Jennifer Novak Haar, Heejoung Kim, Anne Madison, Alan Mattingly, Ruth Meints, Momoro Ono, Jordan Redd, Stella Saperstein, Olga Smola, Kristin Taylor, Marcia Weibers, and Patricia Will.    

Kayla Pracht, Winner Young Artist, Brass

Brass Young Artist Winners

  • Winner: Kayla Pracht (Alan Mattingly) of Waverly
  • Alternate: Isabella Redd (Jordan Redd) of Lincoln
  • Honorable Mention: Timothy Aulner (Alan Mattingly) of Lincoln. Brass judge was Dr. Erik Mahon, Assistant Professor of Music at Morningside University, Sioux City, Iowa.
Winston Schneider, Winner Junior Piano

Piano – Junior

  • Winner: Winston Schneider, Omaha (Anne Madison)
  • Alternate: Nicole Liu, Omaha (Anne Madison)
  • Honorable Mention: Austin Lewis, Omaha (Stella Saperstein)
Ty Stephany, Winner Senior Piano

Piano – Senior

  • Winner: Ty Stephany, Brandon, SD (Paul Barnes)
  • Alternate: Nathan Liu, Omaha (Anne Madison)
  • Honorable Mention: Crystal Huang, Omaha (Paul Barnes); Clara Kendrick, Lincoln (Paul Barnes); Alexis Nothelfer, Omaha (Anne Madison)
Tianyu Luo, Winner Young Artist Piano

Piano – Young Artist

  • Winner: Tianyu Luo, Omaha (Washington Garcia)
  • Alternate: Madeline Rogers, Lincoln (Paul Barnes)
  • Honorable Mention: Cameron Berta, Lincoln (Paul Barnes); Rebekah Stiles, Lincoln (Paul Barnes); Yimeng Xu, Omaha (Washington Garcia)

Piano judges were Dr. Paul Higdon, adjunct professor at St. Louis Community College in St. Louis, Missouri; Dr. Kristian Klefstad, piano faculty at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee; Dr. Charles Schmidt, piano faculty at Augustana University, Rock Island, Illinois.

String – Junior

  • Winner: Pauline Lee, Omaha (Ruth Meints)
  • Alternate: Taryn Gieger, Omaha (Ruth Meints)
  • Honorable Mention: Anna Suh, Omaha (Ruth Meints)
Larissa Myers, Alternate Senior String

String – Senior

  • Winner: Libby Meade, Omaha (Ruth Meints)
  • Alternate: Larissa Myers, Lincoln (Ruth Meints)
  • Honorable Mention: Rachel Wu, Omaha (Ruth Meints)

Sofiya Burmistrova, Young Artist String Representative

String – Young Artist

  • Representative: Sofiya Burmistrova, Omaha (Olga Smola)

String judge was Dr. John Fadial, professor of Strings at the University of Wyoming, Laramie.

Woodwind – Senior

  • Representative: Linda Xu, Omaha (Christie Beard)

Woodwind judge was Amy Porter, professor of flute at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. (Amy was MTNA Woodwind Winner in 1980.)

Senior Piano Duet

  • Representative: Crystal Huang & Clarissa Tan (Paul Barnes)

State winners/representatives advance to video-only West-Central Division Competition. Division winners/representatives compete in person at the MTNA National Conference (which this year will be video only).

Linda Rogers, NCTM
MTNA State Competition Chair, Nebraska

Nebraska Music Teachers Composition Contest 2020

Three teachers participated in the event:  Regina Carnazzo, Kenneth Meints, and Nancy Schoen.  The results of the composition competition for Nebraska were as follows:

This year, the Nebraska judges were: Phillip Schroeder, Victoria Sabo and Valerie Roth Roubos

Winston Schneider, Junior Composition Winner

Representative: Braydon Fujon, Student of Nancy Schoen of Lincoln

Winner: Winston Schneider, Student of Kenneth Meints

Honorable mention: Roger Young, Student of Regina Carnazzo

Leo Wolcott, Winner Senior Composition

Winner: Leo Wolcott, Student of Regina Carnazzo

Honorable mentions:

Eliza Young, Student of Regina Carnazzo
Leah Faber, Student of Regina Carnazzo


The following will advance to the MTNA National Competition

Representative: Braydon Fujon, Student of Nancy Schoen

Winner: Winston Schneider, Student of Kenneth Meints

2020 NMTA State Performance Competitions

The 2020 State Performance Competitions took place online in October as part of the Nebraska eFestival. Twenty-four students of 13 teachers competed in Junior, Senior, and Collegiate levels. Winners of the State Competition do not advance.

Collegiate Piano

Winner: Christopher Mitchell (teacher Kristin Taylor)

Senior Piano

Winner: Dmitrii Shaposhnikov (teacher Stacey Barelos); Alternate winner: Justin Ye (teacher Momoro Ono);
Honorable mention: Emily Rimington (teacher Tammy Miller)

Junior Piano

Winner: Bingyi Wang (teacher Kathy Knebel);
Alternate winner: Ratna Kang (teacher Stacey Barelos);
Honorable mentions: Amelia Burba (teacher Mai Butler); Lademi Davies (teacher Stacey Barelos); Jonathan Wu (teacher Yulia Kalashnikova); Vicky Wu (teacher Tammy Miller)

The adjudicator was Dr. Alan Huckleberry, Professor of Piano Pedagogy and Collaborative Arts, and Director of Undergraduate Studies at The University of Iowa School of Music.