Teacher Awards

NMTA Teacher of the Year Award

In an effort to support outstanding teaching in music, the Nebraska Music Teachers Association presents the NMTA Teacher of the Year Award which is presented at the annual state conference.

NMTA Service Award

In an effort to recognize outstanding service to the organization, the Nebraska Music Teachers Association presents the NMTA Service Award which is presented at the annual state conference.

NMTA Award of Recognition

In an effort to recognize individuals and businesses that have made significant contributions to Nebraska Music Teachers Association and had a strong impact on music teaching in Nebraska, the organization periodically presents the NMTA Award of Recognition at the annual state conference.

Award Recipients

1990 Teacher of the Year MarySue Harris
1991 Teacher of the Year Carol Work
1992 Teacher of the Year Betty E. Gross
1993 Teacher of the Year Margot Peterson
1994 Service Award Lela L. Pierce
Margaret R. Seymour
1995 Teacher of the Year Pauline L. Bell
1996 Service Award Joan Reist
1998 Service Award Nancy Whitman
Charlotte Heermann
1999 Teacher of the Year Marylouise Barta
Service Award MarySue Harris
2000 Teacher of the Year Adelaide Spurgin
Service Award Rebecca Kugler
Diana Shaddick
Award of Recognition Keith Heckman
2001 Teacher of the Year Jerelen Bartone
Service Award Joyce Miller
Award of Recognition James R. Saker
2002 Teacher of the Year Audun Ravnan
Service Award Ruth Moore
Cynthia Murphy
2003 Teacher of the Year Morris Collier
Aleta Collier
Service Award Lorene Turnbull
2004 Teacher of the Year James Johnson
Service Award Barbara Rader
2005 Teacher of the Year Paul Parker
Service Award Lisa Albee
2006 Teacher of the Year Paul Barnes
Service Award Linda Rogers
2007 Teacher of the Year Regina Carnazzo
Service Award Wanda Mandigo
2008 Teacher of the Year Thomas Ediger
Service Award Thomas Ediger
Award of Recognition James Jameson
Barbara McCormack
2009 Teacher of the Year Diane Hill
Service Award Jean Harris
2010 Teacher of the Year Ken Bales
Service Award Jonathan Sokasits
2011 Teacher of the Year Anne Nagosky
2012 Service Award Joan Reist
2013 Teacher of the Year Gail Dunning
2014 Service Award Maria Rotella Jacobsen
2015 Teacher of the Year Charlotte Heermann
2016 Service Award Lisa Greve-Batten
2017 Teacher of the Year Nancy Jo Galusha
2018 Service Award Marcia Wiebers

MTNA Fellows

The Music Teachers National Association Foundation Fellow program honors deserving individuals while supporting the efforts of the MTNA Foundation Fund through a donation to the Foundation Fund in an individual’s name.

Each year new MTNA Fellows are recognized at the MTNA National Conference Gala. Also, new Fellows are prominently recognized on the Foundation Fund website and their names will appear on a plaque located at the MTNA National Headquarters.

These NMTA members have been nationally recognized as MTNA Fellows in the listed year:


2001 Joan Reist
2003 Audun Ravnan
2005 James D. Johnson
2006 Charlotte Heermann
2007 Nancy Whitman
2008 Wanda Mandigo
Thomas Ediger
2009 Valerie Cisler
Diane Hill
Patricia Will
2010 MarySue Harris
Ken Bales
2011 Paul Parker
Jonathan Sokasits
Marcia Wiebers
2012 Lisa Albee
Roger Foltz
2013 Joyce Miller
Barbara Rader
2014 Arthur Bates
Jo Riecker-Karl
2015 Lois Burger
2016 Barbara Jones
Linda Rogers
2017 Keith Heckman
2018 Maria Rotella Jacobsen
2019 Jerri Niver